Rent Our Community Room

Leasing the Community Room

  • Lessee will be required to pay a $250 cash key deposit and full rental fee to reserve the room. Rental fees are $50.00 for Members and $100.00 for Non- Members.  Until all payments are paid, the date will be kept open for other potential lessees. The key deposit is required when key is picked up.  In the event there is a cancellation, the Chamber must be notified two weeks prior to the rental date.  Failure to notify two weeks before the rental date will result in half of the rental fee being refunded by mail. If cancelling before the two weeks, a full refund will be issued by mail.

  • **Either way, in the event of a cancellation the full deposit check will be refunded.**

  • The key can be picked up one day prior to the rental date.  Upon return of the key and verification of the status of the room, the deposit will be returned to the lessee.  In the event the key is misplaced or the room is not in order, the Chamber reserves the right to retain the deposit or any portion thereof for any repairs, cleaning or re-keying of the locks that must be done.
  • The room will be left as clean as it was when rented.  This includes vacuuming, taking out the trash, taking out any leftover food, drinks and ice.  The vacuum is located in the back hallway with extra trash bags.  The Chamber’s dumpster is # 1062 in the alleyway behind the Chamber.  Do not place bags or boxes on the ground beside the dumpster.  Break all boxes down and place in the dumpster.
  • Any items in the room when rented should remain there.  This includes, but is not limited to, any electronics equipment, cups, plated, napkins, forks, spoons, food, etc.  The Chamber keeps items in the room for its own meetings.  Lessees of the Community Room are responsible for bringing their own supplies unless prior arrangements have been made for electronic equipment.
  • No smoking in the building and do not hang decorations on the inside walls. Decorations are allowed outside on the front/back doors, light poles, etc…
  • Any signs or decorations placed on the front door of the Chamber, light poles, back door, etc. must be removed during clean up.  Removal of such prevents littering, etc.
  • Tables, etc., may be moved to accommodate the event/meeting lessee holds. Should the lessee fail to comply with any or all of this rental agreement the Chamber will retain the deposit .