We are delighted you are considering Murray County as your new location. Our community is steeped in Native American and Civil War History. Friendly smiles and warm greetings are part of our everyday life.

Life, family, jobs -- all are important to the people of Murray County. From our county seat in Chatsworth to the smaller towns dotted through the countryside, our quality of life is attractive to many. One major attraction for residents is the readily available recreation opportunities. Fort Mountain State Park, Carters Lake, and the Chattahoochee Wilderness area with thousands of acres of land have extensive walking, hiking and biking trails. Area facilities support baseball, football, soccer and tennis teams.

Important Information to Get You Started.....

If relocating from out of state, you must obtain a Georgia driver's license within 30 days after establishing residency here. An eye test and written test are required. Licensing is available through the Department of Public Safety located at 235 Wagner Road in Dalton. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Birth certificate, passport (if required), proof of residence are required to be presented to obtain any current driver's license. Name and address changes to existing Georgia licenses should also be made here. For more info call 706-272-2272 or 706-272-2388.

If relocating from out of state, you must obtain a Georgia vehicle tag from the Murray County Tax Commissioners office at 706-517-1400 within 30 days of establishing residency.  Auto registration, proof of insurance and title of lien holder must be presented. If relocating from another county in Georgia you must secure a Murray County tag before May 1.

If you own and occupy your home by January 2 and April 1 at the Tax Commissioners office at 706-695-3423.  

Georgia taxes net individual income on a graduated scale, with employer's withholding tax as a payroll deduction. Georgia sales tax is 4% of the sale price on personal property. City and county have 1% local sales tax. Call 706-695-2413. 

You must be registered 30 days prior to an election to vote in that election. Residents of Murray County must be 18 years of age to vote.  For more information, contact the Voter Registration office at 706-695-1983 or come by the Courthouse Annex.


  • Electric power is available from Georgia Power at 706-695-7551
  • North Georgia Electric Membership Corporation at 706-259-9441
  • Water is supplied by Chatsworth Water Works at 706-695-3132
  • Sanitation pick-up is provided by the City of Chatsworth and    independent services. Call the City of Chatsworth at 706-695-8809.


Alltel serves Murray County. For residential service call 706-279-7010.


Children who are entering school for the first time or from out of state should bring a certificate of immunization and a certified copy of their birth certificate to register for school. Contact the Murray County Board of Education at 706-695-4531.  


     *  Murray County is served by a weekly newspaper, The Chatsworth Times, at 706- 
         695-4646.  A daily newspaper is delivered from the Daily Citizen at 706-217-
     *  Local radio stations serve the county: WQMT 98.9 FM, WYYU 104.5 FM and WBLJ
         1230 AM. 
     *  Cable service is available from Charter Cable at 706-695-2727.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS                                                                          
Sheriff's Office...706-695-4592              
MurrayCounty Volunteer Fire Department...706-695-2088
Report a fire...706-695-6222
Murray Memorial Hospital...706-695-4564  

TAXI SERVICE                                                                                    
Chatsworth Taxi Cab..706-695-2020
Eton Taxi...706-260-8401    


A moderate climate with seasonal changes is conducive to outdoor activity most of the year.  

Annual Normal Mean Temperature: 60*
Average Annual Winter Temperature:39*
Average Annual Summer Temperature: 80* 
Average Annual Rainfall: 53 inches